Strigon Machine Tools

We have been a 100% Hungarian family owned company for several decades! Our company achieves outstanding success in the field of machine tool manufacturing, welding and cutting in Hungary and internationally. Be our next satisfied customer! Contact us!

Machine tools

We have more than 50 years of experience in the field of machine tool manufacturing, during which time we have become the market leader in machine tool manufacturing in Hungary.

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In our cutting department we process medium and large size welded or cast parts. Thanks to our significant machine park and the expertise of our colleagues, we perform first-class cutting work!

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Precision is a basic requirement for us! This is ensured by our certified welders and continuous inspection. By striving for quality, we have become a partner of multinational companies.

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Strigon MZ portálmaró gép
Strigon MZP portálmaró gép
Strigon MZPH portálmaró gép
Strigon MZPH-4S, Esztergomi szerszámgépgyár, Machine tools

Premium machine tools

We have been designing and manufacturing machine tools since 1959. During this time, we gained market-leading knowledge and experience. Our excellent engineers work on continuous improvements every day, which means that the machine tools we manufacture perform faster, higher quality and more cost-effective.

Strigon minősítések
Strigon minősítések
Strigon minősítések

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